My Daughter Wants to Be a CAB Driver

The books on Adrian & Super-A are based on my daughter. She was the one who started calling herself “Big A”, who then became my own Super-A. Every time she tried role playing with friends she went into her character. It would not matter if she was a mum, a dog or drove an invisible bus, she was always “Big A”. “Big A” was her way of coping with the things that were not real, in a fantasy world that she had difficulties to see. When playing doctor she always reassured us that she was not hurt for real, it was just play, she was "Big A" .

When she was three, I once tucked here in with a doll. Told my daughter who hated going to bed, that she could talk to her doll while falling asleep. She looked at me with uncertainty in her brown eyes. Did I not know?

She decided I had to be told, shared her knowledge with a very serious voice.

    “Mum, dolls, they cannot talk.”

My daughter has autism and ADHD. Like many young children, she has three planed careers ahead of her. But unlike many children, hers do not reside in the fantasy world, she does not want to become a rock star, a famous soccer player or princess. Her career planning is realistic and possible. She wants to become a librarian – she loves reading and selecting books in big piles. Or she wants to drive a cab –  she has remarkable memory for surrounding, gave me all the exact turns to a place she had only been once or twice, from memory at the age of five. Or she wants a stick, so that she can pick up the gum wrappers and other thing that not as meticulous people throw in our nature.


What does your child want to be?





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