DECIDING  "What First"

Choose your challenge. Set your priority.





On this page you will find help on how you should think when deciding the goal to start with. You can also read about the importance of narrowing down your ambition. The Rails & Shine framework is based on a repeated process with the three steps KNOWING, DECIDING, ENABLING. You should set yourself and your child small targets at the time, laying out the rails in short distances.

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What now?

Your base point for decisions are the  B E  M Y  R A I L S  Goals. View them with their Top 5 Tools to decide where to start. What tool or tip do you think will give the most results and be the simplest to use?


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If your child is reacting to the feelings you bring to the table (frustration, stress), you might want to start with Your patience, Some more time or Laughing through it & Motivation. If your child has a heavy reaction to sounds or touch, or gets going on stuff you surround him with, a simple goal to begin with is to Remove triggers. For difficulties with moving through activities, make sure you give room for Balanced energy and provide both Expectations in advance and Added structure & Daily sameness. Giving your child means to communicate and helping with meltdowns is usually a long process, but Interacting on my own terms and My way out will help develop these skills.


Narrow it down!

Think top priorities - not perfection. You should not try doing it all. Be effective not perfect. If you for example have chosen to target sensory overload aiming at Removed Triggers, then narrow it down. Make a list of what you could do. Then set your top priorities. What actions would help the most? What would be the simplest to change? You could score each item and make it a mathematical choice. 5 points for best help, 5 for simplest. 1 for least. Does vacuuming cause most sensory distress (or is fascination getting in the way)? To schedule vacuuming while your kid is out of your house seems very doable to you.  So vacuuming gets a total of 9 points from you. It makes it to the finals. So does sorting out all uncomfortable clothes (with tags, pockets, or buttons) and replacing it with a set of exactly the same ones. That should be enough! Don’t tackle too much at once.






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