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The Rails & Shine Framework



1.  Top 5 Tools for Parents or Teachers to Help the Child on the Autism Spectrum or with ADHD

2.  Overview of Autism and ADHD Treatments

3.  Overview of Common Problems & Their Solutions

4.  Quick Facts on Autism & ADHD

5.  Your Spot for Sharing Tips about Parenting a Child with Autism or ADHD

6.  Your Spot for Sharing Tips about Educating a Child with Autism or ADHD

7.  Facebook Feed from the Author of Super-A with Friends -  Mix of Research and Advice

8.  Awareness & Research Links, Recommended Books, and Other Resources

9.  A Simple Framework to Help You Create an Enabling World for the Child on the Autism Spectrum or with ADHD

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Here you will learn about how the name of the Rails & Shine framework came about. See that it is a guide to tips and tools for kids in the Autism & ADHD World, and that it can be used by any caregiver. A quick overview on how to use the framework is included, but more on this as you move along. Links to further reading you always find at the end of each page.


What’s the purpose of the Rails & Shine Framework?

One in ten children has autism or ADHD. And that tenth child is likely in your classroom, or in yours or a close friend's family. The Rails & Shine Framework is for that "tenth child"!

The purpose of the Rails & Shine Framework is to unlock the great source of potential our world has in all of these children. The B E M Y R A I L S Goals are the core of the Rails & Shine Framework. They show you what your child needs from you and the environment. When the goals are in place, they serve as a filter and protection against the world around your child. They will help your child shine. The Rails & Shine Framework will point you to the different tips and tools you will need to put in your tool box when working with a kid on the Autism Spectrum or with ADHD. It is your roadmap and starting point. The choice of direction to go first is yours!


Who can use it?

The Rails & Shine Framework is for anyone who wants enable the world around children with autism and ADHD. It's Autism & ADHD made easy. Parents, teacers, and any caregiver who wants a gentle guidance to what these children need, can use the framework. The Rails & Shine framework focuses on overviews and on the tips that have worked the best for parents or teachers in your situation. The Rails & Shine Framework does not replace other methods or treatments. It shows you to them Select and add those tools you think will work best for your child. This may be a simple tip, or a full-scale therapy approach. You can of course make any other tool part of the framework and include it in your process. Review it as you would with any of the tips included on this website or at Rails & Shine on facebook. And when you find something that really is working, don't forget to share for others to try!



How do I use it?

The Rails & Shine framework is divided into three repeated steps: 1. KNOWING, 2. DECIDING, 3. ENABLING. You will find this website is divided in the same way. If you get lost on your way, then return to Get Started. There you will find the main activities and the key web pages.

1. In the first step you read up on information until your point of choice. You just need enough inspiration and KNOWING of the background to start your engines.

2. Then it is time for DECIDING where to start.

3. Keep a journal of your activities as you go ahead applying the tips and tools when ENABLING for your child. Keep your notes in one place, go back to them, or share key findings from your review with others around your child. Writing it down will help you see patterns in succeeded and in failed tools. Don't be afraid of dropping a tool. But make sure it is a part of your way ahead and learn from it.


Why put the “Rails” in the Rails & Shine Framework?

The answer to this, is that our autistic kids are the ones who put the Rails into the Rails & Shine name. Kids with Autism are often fond of trains, but they also are very much like trains. Differing from non-autistic kids who are more like cars, they have a much harder time to start moving, come to a stop or change directions. If you try to put the Train-kid in a car, he will feel lost to his core and distressed!

That is because like any train, he needs his rails to function. Our Train-kids will work while on track, with a clear destination and on their own time table. They also have a need to stop at their usual stations, keeping the route the same from day to day – the world depends on this. If they are pushed outside of the rails in another direction, or ahead of their own schedule, they will, of course, become a train wreck. Wouldn't you?


Who needs Rails?

Mine, yours and every teacher's job, is to start laying out those critical rails! And as it turns out, many of the methods that will help the kids on the Autism Spectrum, will also benefit the kid with ADHD. These kids share many of the same issues with structuring their day and achieving focus. Some tools will be better suited for autistic kids, other for the one with ADHD, but you really need to look at the individual child before you decide. For instance, even though a kid with ADHD may not display the sensory sensitivities as often comes with autism, this child may still benefit from an environment cleared from some of that sensory input, even if the reason is different; and for those kids with ADHD who do have a sensory processing disorder as well, this is a critical link to anger or to being defiant. Many of the Rails & Shine tips may also help and motivate other children in a class into taking on an assignment, even without being diagnosed. For instance there might be one child who reacts to sensory events in each classroom. And even the non-autistic Car-kids may turn into a train once in while when tired or put under such demands thar are way exceeding their limits for the moment!


Why put the “Shine” in the Rails & Shine Framework?

Although 10 in 100 kids might have Autism Spectrum Disorder or ADHD, still most people these kids come across, will not know what to do to help them to strive and shine.
The Rails & Shine framework aims to shine awareness on Autism & ADHD in kids, and on how we all can be a part of enabling our world, schools and future work places for them. Trying our best at unlocking this vast source of potential from the unique strengths of these kids, the Rails & Shine Framework shows you what you need to put in place. It is possible – With just a little more knowledge.


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