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Here you can read that one in twenty children have autism or ADHD, but that they face a world that does not understand their needs. A diagnosis can often be a stepping stone to the right tool box. And that's were the Rails & Shine framework comes in. The aim of the Rails & Shine framework is to guide parents, teachers and others aouround these kids to finding their very own tool box. If you think the framework can help the people around your kid:


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Although roughly 1% of all kids are on the Autism Spectrum, and another 5-9% might have ADHD, most people these kids come across, will not know what to do to help them to strive and shine. The Rails & Shine framework aims to shine awarness on Autism & ADHD, by showing how anybody can be part of enabling the world with just a little more knowledge.

Today there are physicians, teachers, and even trained psychologist who fail to recognize the signs of Autism and ADHD - and therefore the special needs that come with it. Many are afraid of labeling the child, and may be convinced the child is better off being looked at and treated in the same way as any other child in regards of their future potential. This is wrong. This standpoint leaves all these kids without the appropriate tools that could make them shine.

Think about how a child with hearing or vision impairment would make it through school, if required to participate in class on the same terms, not getting written instructions when they cannot hear what the teacher says, or getting the same school books when they cannot see the letters? Would they reach their full potential?

ADHD and Autism is more complex than replacing what you cannot hear or see. The world not knowing what to do, is no excuse for not helping every one of these kids. The kids with autism have skills that make them superior in many work tasks with their exceptional eyes for details and love for structure and sameness. The kids with ADHD can make others see passed the uphill mountain with fearless ideas to move ahead.

The Rails & Shine Framework's vision is to shine a light on all this huge unlocked potential that lies in our world within these children that are growing up in it. These kids can shine with their strength! If only we enable our world for their ways of learning and being!




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